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4KK Alumni,

These are exciting times for the For King and Kingdom ministry.  From the board, we first of all want to thank each of you for your generosity which makes the expansion of this ministry possible.  We are making a difference in men’s lives which translates to families, churches, and even communities.  Secondly, we want to give you a few highlights of what has been going on.

Ministry Expansion:

Councils and Leadership –  With Lake Valley’s MOO council and the development of retreat leadership, the 4KK staff is able to focus more on adding churches, retreat follow up, and development of materials.

MOO2 has been piloted and there will be a second retreat this fall.  This will be made available to other churches in 2020.

The leadership has had conversations with numerous churches and was just given a green light by MAJOR church in Central Arkansas to start holding retreats in their church.  This church will greatly increase our footprint in Arkansas. We will provide more information as this continues to develop.

The materials that new churches will receive when they sign on to the ministry now will be top-notch.  They will experience 4KK as a legit ministry with support as they grow the ministry in their church. Huge kudos go to Ron Tucker for making this happen!!

WOO – Ministry to women.  In the background WOO (Lake Valley’s version of a retreat for women with the same framework as MOO) is being designed and implemented under the leadership of Jamie Carson.  Our hope is for this to be under the 4KK umbrella in the future.

Board – The Board of Directors is healthy and energized.  This sacrificial group of men and women are passionate about the vision and financial health of the ministry.  This group will be on retreat in the near future to gain even greater clarity about the future and the next steps.  Please be in prayer for them. (You can find their names in this newsletter.)

Facilities – Tucker Lodge is doing GREAT! We are less than 2 years into this project and have operated in black ink for the last 2 quarters.  This means that our facility is contributing to the ministry.  We believe that in the future we can continue to increase occupancy which can ultimately reduce retreat costs… making them available to more men and more churches.  We will have more to say about that later.

Finances –  We will be adding a short financial report to every newsletter starting this month so that you, our faithful donors, can see how your investment in the ministry is being used.  We elicit your feedback concerning this report.  Is it helpful?  Is there any other information you would like to see?  As a donor, if there is more detail that you would like to see or know, feel free to contact: 

Morgan Golden, Volunteer CEO (, 

Roger Stanage, Board Chair (,

Tom Ed Simmons, Treasurer (, Or any Board Member

There is more to share but limited space in the newsletter.  Again, if you have any questions about the ministry, the vision, or the Lodge, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here ready to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you again for your support!


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