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“One Block at a Time” was inspired by a mission trip I took to Haiti with Lake Valley Church. This trip was a fact-finding mission that took place soon after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

‘One Block at a Time” leaped into my head a couple of months ago when I was trying to come up with a way to help Pastor Ben Ouma in Migori, Kenya to get an orphanage started. A memory of seeing a man’s concrete block business in Haiti and how he used a simple mold to make blocks gave us the idea we needed to start the dream of building an orphanage.

In Ephesians, we have learned that relationships are not defined by distance, geography, age, or nationality, but rather by the Spirit of Jesus that unifies us. I believe being His sons and daughters, sinners yet Saints of Christ, He gives us imagination to dream and that His plans are orchestrated in a way that we get to see those dreams become reality. We are blessed by getting to know Him and His ways. 

Witnessing the following results have shown me how He works and allows us to share His work and His love. This has been a blessing to me and a new long-distance relationship has unified two of His believers.

This story started with a trip Mary and I took that left from NY City. I had gone downstairs to check out at the hotel where we were staying.  I met two pastors from Nigeria who were also leaving. They had been to an evangelism conference and were heading home. In the conversation that followed, I offered them a copy of The Jesus Film that I normally travel with. It was in their language and they were excited to have it to take back to their community.

I tried to follow up and was not able to get the email they gave me to work. What transpired was not an accident but a new path God was taking me down. “Not my plan but His.” I got online looking for them and ended up communicating with Pastor Ben Ouma in Migori, Kenya in a whole different part of Africa. After months of talking back and forth, Ben’s needs became obvious. He said he would love to have The Jesus Film and have a way to take the message of the Good News to his whole area.

By God’s grace, he showed me His plan. Pastor Ouma’s church needed Bibles in both English and Swahili. Ben needed a computer for his administration and for his sermons. Most of all he wanted a backpack with a projector, screen, and Jesus movies in their language about the life and Good News of Jesus. Over the last couple of months, I was able to send him these resources for his ministry.

In a matter of six weeks, Pastor Ouma has traveled to other churches, schools and even to the produce market showing the movie and witnessing. There have been over 50 people in his area that have already come to faith in Christ.

Love, blessings, and imagination have united us in this long distance relationship in the Lord.

Blessings are coming down and our praise is going up! 

Rollin Caristianos

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