For King and Kingdom exists to equip churches to inspire, unite, and free men to pursue their Kingdom destiny.


For King and Kingdom | Strengthening Men Strengthening churches

For King and Kingdom is a multi-church ministry experience that challenges and catalyzes Christian men to be leaders in every area of their lives.

This 8 men intensive weekend experience is designed to deepen a man’s transformational journey through a fresh and provocative understanding of his own story while providing an opportunity to experience deep freedom and community in the process. It is designed to help each man discover the keys to living from his heart and to empower him to move into his Kingdom's destiny!

Pastors and leaders in the church need their men now more than ever to deeply engage in the mission of the local church. They need men willing to focus less on building their own kingdoms and answer a call to join the mission of advancing the kingdom of God, here, now!


“We just began to imagine something different than your normal men's retreat, something that offered men the opportunity to be known and to know others in a place of grace..”

- Bruce Dodson, Founder

They need men that have a sense of Destiny.

The world needs Christian churches full of men dedicated and committed to Jesus, and to “making disciples and teaching them all that I have commanded”.  Too often men in the church need something to arouse their heart, to awaken a sleeping warrior for the King and his Kingdom mission. The church of Jesus needs dangerous men, men of strength and courage that are willing to take great risk for the King, and for each other.

That is exactly what a For King and Kingdom experience has done and can do for men and for the church!


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