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For King and Kingdom | 2020 Banquet


What an incredible time we had in October at the 2nd Annual 4KK Fundraising Banquet! With over 200 alumni and guests in attendance from a number of churches, this gathering was a night of reunions, celebration, and imagination.

As 4KK continues, it is astonishing to see how God has been moving in the lives of men and their families! We were increasingly blessed to hear from five alumni and their spouses about how 4KK has impacted their lives, marriages, and families. If you happened to miss the banquet, we invite you to celebrate with us and check out these incredible stories at

A big thank you to all who participated in our live and silent auctions. During the live auction, there were several fantastic items including a vacation home in Belize, tickets and airfare to the Bears and Packers game, great vacation packages throughout Arkansas and so many silent auction items! 

Thank you to all who attended in support of this ministry, to those who worked to make it happen, and a special thank you to those who shared what God has been doing in their families! This could not happen without the faithful and sacrificial gifts of many.  With just over $35,000 raised, this Kingdom work can continue. Imagine with us what God might want us to do next. 

Mark your calendars for our next banquet on Thursday, October 1st, 2020. 

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For King and Kingdom | Grace Church East End


4KK, a Beyond Us retreat, took place in November at Tucker Lodge. Men from Little Rock, Texas, and North Carolina dove headlong into their journey of story and God’s love and grace.

Welcome, Grace Church East End to the 4KK family! Plans are underway for their next retreat in April, as well as future training and team development. The MOOvement is coming to Grace Church East End!

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For King and Kingdom | Greeting


“One Block at a Time” was inspired by a mission trip I took to Haiti with Lake Valley Church. This trip was a fact-finding mission that took place soon after the devastating earthquake in Haiti.

‘One Block at a Time” leaped into my head a couple of months ago when I was trying to come up with a way to help Pastor Ben Ouma in Migori, Kenya to get an orphanage started. A memory of seeing a man’s concrete block business in Haiti and how he used a simple mold to make blocks gave us the idea we needed to start the dream of building an orphanage.

In Ephesians, we have learned that relationships are not defined by distance, geography, age, or nationality, but rather by the Spirit of Jesus that unifies us. I believe being His sons and daughters, sinners yet Saints of Christ, He gives us imagination to dream and that His plans are orchestrated in a way that we get to see those dreams become reality. We are blessed by getting to know Him and His ways. 

Witnessing the following results have shown me how He works and allows us to share His work and His love. This has been a blessing to me and a new long-distance relationship has unified two of His believers.

This story started with a trip Mary and I took that left from NY City. I had gone downstairs to check out at the hotel where we were staying.  I met two pastors from Nigeria who were also leaving. They had been to an evangelism conference and were heading home. In the conversation that followed, I offered them a copy of The Jesus Film that I normally travel with. It was in their language and they were excited to have it to take back to their community.

I tried to follow up and was not able to get the email they gave me to work. What transpired was not an accident but a new path God was taking me down. “Not my plan but His.” I got online looking for them and ended up communicating with Pastor Ben Ouma in Migori, Kenya in a whole different part of Africa. After months of talking back and forth, Ben’s needs became obvious. He said he would love to have The Jesus Film and have a way to take the message of the Good News to his whole area.

By God’s grace, he showed me His plan. Pastor Ouma’s church needed Bibles in both English and Swahili. Ben needed a computer for his administration and for his sermons. Most of all he wanted a backpack with a projector, screen, and Jesus movies in their language about the life and Good News of Jesus. Over the last couple of months, I was able to send him these resources for his ministry.

In a matter of six weeks, Pastor Ouma has traveled to other churches, schools and even to the produce market showing the movie and witnessing. There have been over 50 people in his area that have already come to faith in Christ.

Love, blessings, and imagination have united us in this long distance relationship in the Lord.

Blessings are coming down and our praise is going up! 

Rollin Caristianos

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For King and Kingdom | Moo 38

MOO 38

Hope is a good thing.

In September, six men with their stories along with a band of brothers experienced hope in a new way at Tucker Lodge. As the weekend came to a close, big smiles could be seen on their faces. They left freer than they came. Yes, Hope is a good thing … Gospel hope!

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For King and Kingdom | Tucker Lodge


Men of the Ouachitas (MOO) is a vital ministry to the men of Lake Valley.  Over the past few years we have spread that effort to several other churches who are now hosting and leading their own retreats. Men of the Ouachitas remains the name of our Lake Valley retreat ministry for men. Our effort to reach other men in other churches has transformed into the For King and Kingdom(4KK) ministry, with the hopes of reaching even more men at an accelerated pace.

Here at Lake Valley it became evident that MOO is now much bigger than something that can be managed by two or three people.  With the leaders reaching out to other churches it is time to have local men reaching inward to the men of Lake Valley.

We wanted to establish a council of men that would provide direction and stability to the future MOO efforts within Lake Valley.  With that concept in mind, the Lake Valley MOO Council was formed.  Currently the council consists of 6 men (Donald Westerman, Allen Coker, Chris Menzies, Shane Carson, Steve Freeman and Ron Tucker) with oversight from Bruce Dodson and Lamar Trieschmann. This group is tasked with:

Scheduling and planning retreats for Lake Valley men

Identifying men who have not been able to attend a retreat

Leading those retreats

Maintaining the activities necessary for a retreat to be successful

The MOO Council cannot do this alone. If you would like to help in some way, please let us know. One way all alumni can participate is by helping us recruit future participants for the MOO retreat experience. If you know of someone who has not had the opportunity to attend a retreat, pass us their name and we will contact them.

We are opening a new chapter for MOO at Lake Valley.  Let’s all use our imagination to best further this Kingdom work.

 Ron Tucker

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For King and Kingdom | Destiny


MOO Brothers,

While this For King and Kingdom MOOvement continues to grow, and we all work together to help more men move into their destiny, I wanted to take some time to share some of my destiny story since my involvement began with FBC MOO1. Like some of you, I was not thrilled with the idea of attending another men’s retreat in February 2017. But as my MOO weekend continued, I was inspired by what I was learning and how God could use all of my story to shape my destiny. I am not sure if I will ever have an epiphany moment about what my destiny is, or exactly why I was created, but I have become much better at listening to the Lord and working toward doing Kingdom work using the tools that I have, based on my individual story.

After my participation in FBC MOO1, I was excited about the opportunity to serve at the next FBC retreat. Then I was allowed me to be a servant leader the following retreat. With the 4KK Leadership training and help from Bruce and Lamar, I have had the privilege of leading our last two FBC MOO retreats. Soon I will be leading FBC MOO6, with Bill Newton, September 26-29. In a million years I would have never thought that I would be capable of leading men through this incredible journey, but with the help and guidance I received that first weekend, the 4KK training, and the encouragement I received from my MOO brothers to trust less in myself and more in God, I have fully embraced this leadership role and am fired up about our next retreat! 

The scripture that I received as a participant to help encourage me was Proverbs 3: 5-6 which says, “Trust in the Lord with all your heart and rely not on your own understanding. Seek His will in all you do, and He will show you which path to take.” Wow! How I needed to hear that! These verses allowed me to start trusting in God’s will for my life, and through prayer and sage advice, to start pursuing things that will have an eternal impact.

In addition to now leading MOO retreats, I have also been blessed with the opportunity to serve on the board for KLife Hot Springs. KLife is a part of Kanakuk Kamps. Klife is coming back to Hot Springs and will provide youth ministry and discipline to the kids in our area. KLife is a nonprofit organization that is completely funded by the generosity of our community, so please let me know if you would like to contribute. We kick off Sunday, August 25th and the plan is to work alongside local churches to provide our 3rd-12th grade students with a solid relationship with Jesus, and to help them share the gospel with others. This is another exciting opportunity for me to help with Kingdom work. Through my story and my background, I have always had a passion for kids, and this allows me the opportunity to ensure that we pour the gospel into as many Hot Springs youth as we can, and help to equip them to be able to handle the persecution they will receive for being Christians. Working together with our local churches we will have consistent weekly opportunities for our children to hear the gospel in both a large and small group settings. We will also have the opportunity to reach many students that may not have a youth program at their church or attend church at all. Please join me in praying for this important ministry opportunity!

Having the opportunity to participate in a For King and Kingdom MOO retreat,  and discover more about God’s plan for my life has been transformational and a true blessing. I look forward to continuing to trust Him in all things and use my imagination to see what else my life with Christ has in store for me. My destiny awaits! MOOAH!


Chad Lockwood 

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For King and Kingdom | Enter your destiny


4KK Alumni,

These are exciting times for the For King and Kingdom ministry.  From the board, we first of all want to thank each of you for your generosity which makes the expansion of this ministry possible.  We are making a difference in men’s lives which translates to families, churches, and even communities.  Secondly, we want to give you a few highlights of what has been going on.

Ministry Expansion:

Councils and Leadership –  With Lake Valley’s MOO council and the development of retreat leadership, the 4KK staff is able to focus more on adding churches, retreat follow up, and development of materials.

MOO2 has been piloted and there will be a second retreat this fall.  This will be made available to other churches in 2020.

The leadership has had conversations with numerous churches and was just given a green light by MAJOR church in Central Arkansas to start holding retreats in their church.  This church will greatly increase our footprint in Arkansas. We will provide more information as this continues to develop.

The materials that new churches will receive when they sign on to the ministry now will be top-notch.  They will experience 4KK as a legit ministry with support as they grow the ministry in their church. Huge kudos go to Ron Tucker for making this happen!!

WOO – Ministry to women.  In the background WOO (Lake Valley’s version of a retreat for women with the same framework as MOO) is being designed and implemented under the leadership of Jamie Carson.  Our hope is for this to be under the 4KK umbrella in the future.

Board – The Board of Directors is healthy and energized.  This sacrificial group of men and women are passionate about the vision and financial health of the ministry.  This group will be on retreat in the near future to gain even greater clarity about the future and the next steps.  Please be in prayer for them. (You can find their names in this newsletter.)

Facilities – Tucker Lodge is doing GREAT! We are less than 2 years into this project and have operated in black ink for the last 2 quarters.  This means that our facility is contributing to the ministry.  We believe that in the future we can continue to increase occupancy which can ultimately reduce retreat costs… making them available to more men and more churches.  We will have more to say about that later.

Finances –  We will be adding a short financial report to every newsletter starting this month so that you, our faithful donors, can see how your investment in the ministry is being used.  We elicit your feedback concerning this report.  Is it helpful?  Is there any other information you would like to see?  As a donor, if there is more detail that you would like to see or know, feel free to contact: 

Morgan Golden, Volunteer CEO (, 

Roger Stanage, Board Chair (,

Tom Ed Simmons, Treasurer (, Or any Board Member

There is more to share but limited space in the newsletter.  Again, if you have any questions about the ministry, the vision, or the Lodge, don’t hesitate to reach out.  We are here ready to answer any questions you might have.

Thank you again for your support!


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