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Our God is revealing Himself and His mission through an amazing story that includes us! We are interwoven together in a story with Him from innocence and tragedy that ultimately culminates in a redemption, mission, and destiny. For King and Kingdom exists to equip churches to inspire, unite, and free men to pursue their Kingdom destiny. Our vision is to partner with local churches to train and prepare them to establish their own transformational retreat ministry. A retreat experience that encourages and challenges men to take their gifts of leadership and influence into their churches, their families, and their communities ...

For King and Kingdom.

4KK provides leadership development, one on one church support and training, and ongoing support materials. For King and Kingdom has successfully helped churches in Arkansas implement this transformational retreat experience, changing the lives of their men and strengthening churches.

As we continue to faithfully pursue this vision we need support and help to grow the 4KK organization. We would not be where we are today without the faithful and sacrificial gifts of many.

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