Love Gives Us Courage

It takes courage to live against the grain of the culture. It takes courage to make unpopular

decisions in our families and other relationships. Even if we know what we are supposed to do

and want to do it, it often takes great courage to follow through.

Where do we find this kind of courage? I can tell you without hesitation that you can’t find it

easily on your own. It’s not impossible from time to time to act courageously on your own

initiative, men can do that. But to live courageously day after day following a radical and

nonconformist King is a different challenge, one that requires committed companions …

committed to the mission and committed to each other.

The beauty and the power of love is experienced as we enter into the holy ground of another

man’s story, his life. Nothing breaks down the walls of fear and comparison like the sharing

and hearing of the deepest places in a man’s heart. When experienced in an environment of

genuine love and acceptance, a bond is forged that makes a man stronger than he imagined

he ever could be. It galvanizes us into a company of men that together will find the courage to

live our lives on mission For King and Kingdom.


You see, the big thing for me is to love reality and not live in fantasy,

not live in what could have been or what should have been, or what I think I need

to be okay,

but instead, to live out of my story, love reality, and then imagine that God is

present, and that’s enough.


For King and Kingdom

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