Welcome to the official website of For King and Kingdom ministries and the Men of the

Ouachitas experience. It is our hope that the next several minutes that you spend reading and

exploring our site will provide you with the information and resource that you are looking for to

deepen and catalyze a movement of men within your own church as it has ours.


If the Why is important enough then you will figure out the How!

When you start pulling on the “why” thread it has a tendency to take you on a journey towards

and into your core values, beliefs, and motivations. It can also take you into a deeper

understanding of yourself and your own story, as well as what God has and is forming within

you. If you were to ask me “ why do an intensive 4 night men’s experience for just 8 men,” or

“ why recreate the wheel since there are already programs out there for men,” or, “ why

do we need another men’s retreat,”here’s what I’ll tell you, the answer to my “why”:


  1. The kingdom of God has to advance for the earth to ever make sense
  2. The church, the body of Christ, is God’s primary plan for advancing His kingdom
  3. The church must have courageous men, united with a vision for the kingdom that requires their life, their unity, and a deep love for one another
  4. It is almost impossible to catalyze and maintain #3
    1. In a large group
    2. Outside a local community of believers, their church

For King and Kingdom, through its 4 night intensive Men of the Ouachitas’ experience,

catalyzes and unites men in their local church for this purpose: through a deeper

understanding of themselves and their own story, set and told in the context of God’s larger



For King and Kingdom


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