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Ouachitas experience. It is our hope that the next several minutes that you spend reading and

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deepen and catalyze a movement of men within your own church as it has ours.


If the Why is important enough then you will figure out the How!

When you start pulling on the “why” thread it has a tendency to take you on a journey towards

and into your core values, beliefs, and motivations. It can also take you into a deeper

understanding of yourself and your own story, as well as what God has and is forming within

you. If you were to ask me “ why do an intensive 4 night men’s experience for just 8 men,” or

“ why recreate the wheel since there are already programs out there for men,” or, “ why

do we need another men’s retreat,”here’s what I’ll tell you, the answer to my “why”:


  1. The kingdom of God has to advance for the earth to ever make sense
  2. The church, the body of Christ, is God’s primary plan for advancing His kingdom
  3. The church must have courageous men, united with a vision for the kingdom that requires their life, their unity, and a deep love for one another
  4. It is almost impossible to catalyze and maintain #3
    1. In a large group
    2. Outside a local community of believers, their church

For King and Kingdom, through its 4 night intensive Men of the Ouachitas’ experience,

catalyzes and unites men in their local church for this purpose: through a deeper

understanding of themselves and their own story, set and told in the context of God’s larger



Mission Statement

To inspire, unite, and free men to pursue their kingdom destiny through a

transformational storytelling experience grounded in a gospel knowledge of God and of

self that will encourage and challenge a community of men to take their gifts of

leadership and influence into their churches, their families, and their communities …

For King and Kingdom.


The Problem

The decision to become a believer in Jesus as well as to become a follower of Jesus is really

the same decision. At least it’s supposed to be. Too often though, this decision is seen as

two separate choices or decisions. Why? Well, at the heart of this life choice and commitment

is the question of trust and control. Will I trust this God who has demonstrated that He loves

me unconditionally, the work and presence of Christ as I face each moment of each day, and

the power of the holy spirit of God to change who I am and how I live among others?

Or rather, will I pick and choose what I trust and what I prefer to maintain control of: my

marriage, my money, my time, my health, my children, my relationships, my future? Will I

cling to my self-protective strategies of control, even though in the end they will rob me of

deep connections with others as well as God? Will I continue to trust them even though they

hinder me from becoming fully alive in Christ and from living into my destiny as a participant in God’s kingdom work?

This struggle with trust and control is what splits this decision in our hearts. The church needs

men who desire to trust God and others this way. Men need an experience that gives them

the courage and faith to try, and a network of men committed to help each other on their quest

for such faith.


There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self, and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God.






John Calvin

16 th Century French Theologian and Pastor


Our story

In 2005, we began to imagine a discipleship

experience for men that would address these

 and other challenges to following Christ,

while gaining an understanding and

commitment to living a life of kingdom purpose.

We imagined an experience grounded in the

reality of the gospel, informed by understanding

 our own life story through the lens of faith, and experienced in a community of grace and acceptance. We came to the conclusion early on that many men in the church have

a working knowledge of God to one degree or another, but they have a very poor knowledge of self, especially one that is based in reality. And how better to know yourself then through a guided retelling of your own story in the company of a small group of other men that have chosen to take the same journey with you? This, we decided, is what we need to learn how to do in order to help other men do the same.

In 2006, 8 of our men experienced the first Men of the Ouachitas. Since then, over 140 more

of our men have participated in this intense discipleship experience. God is using Men of the

Ouachitas to deepen our life with Him and each other, and to free men to live into their destiny

in the kingdom of God through their leadership in the church, their family, and their













I had decided to allow no room in the universe for something which shamed and

frightened me. I succeeded very well … by not looking at the universe, by not looking at myself … by remaining, in effect, in constant motion.






James Baldwin


It is rare that a man will take 4 days out of his full and busy life to pause for a little while to

take a serious and critical look at his own life and story. It is through a proper understanding

of the story we each have lived that leads to a humble and honest understanding of who we

are, and quite frankly, a better grasp of who God is.


Humble self knowledge is a surer way to God than a search after deep learning.






Thomas a’ Kempis

“The Imitation of Christ”


We spend a significant amount of time during our 4 days together:

  1. Learning and preparing to tell our stories through the same four critical moves that God tells us His story.
  2. Experiencing a number of tools designed to help us achieve a “humble self-knowledge”.
  3. Helping other men do the same.
  4. Learning how to apply our new understanding to our life in a way that impacts our personal growth and those in our realms of influence.


Why Story

“Life is not a list of propositions, it is a series of dramatic scenes. As Eugene Peterson said,

‘We live in narrative, we live in story. Existence has a story shape to it. We have a beginning

and an end, we have a plot, we have characters.’ Story is the language of the heart. Our souls

speak not in the naked facts of mathematics or the abstract propositions of systematic

theology; they speak the images and emotions of story. Contrast your enthusiasm for studying a textbook with the offer to go to a movie, read a novel, or listen to the stories of someone else’s life. Elie Wiesel suggests that ‘God created man because he loves stories.’ So if we’re going to find the answer to the riddle of the earth—and of our own existence—we’ll find it in story.

For hundreds of years, our culture has been losing its story. The Enlightenment dismissed the

idea that there is an Author but tried to hang on to the idea that we could still have a Larger

Story, life could still make sense, and everything was headed in a good direction. Western

culture rejected the mystery and transcendence of the Middle Ages and placed its confidence

in pragmatism and progress, the pillars of the Modern Era, the Age of Reason. But once we

had rid ourselves of the Author, it didn’t take long to lose the Larger Story. In the Postmodern

Era, all we have left are our small stories. The central belief of our times is that there is no

story, nothing hangs together, all we have are bits and pieces, the random days of our lives.

Tragedy still brings us to tears and heroism still lifts our hearts, but there is no context for any of it. Life is just a sequence of images and emotions without rhyme or reason.”






John Eldredge

Waking the Dead


For King and Kingdom

In our bible, God is revealing Himself and His mission to us through an amazing story that

includes us, human beings! We are interwoven together in a story with Him from innocence

and tragedy that ultimately culminates in a final act of redemption, mission, and destiny. But

not just for us individually, but for the world.

Jesus reveals himself to us as a revolutionary king, “not of this world”, on a mission to

establish God’s reign on earth as it is in heaven. We, the church, are called to join him on this

mission. It is not an easy mission.


“From the days of John the Baptist until now, the kingdom of heaven has been subjected to

violence, and violent people have been raiding it.”


Matthew 11:12


The church needs men with a vision as big as this. The world needs churches full of men that

are united in their love for this mission and their love for one another. Men who together are

committed to accomplishing the task assigned to us by our King. Men who hate injustice, love

righteousness, and who live to seek and save the lost. Men who will choose to reject the

corrupt systems of the world that create greed and imbalance, and instead are willing to lay

down their life for love while they follow and obey King Jesus.


Love Gives Us Courage

It takes courage to live against the grain of the culture. It takes courage to make unpopular

decisions in our families and other relationships. Even if we know what we are supposed to do

and want to do it, it often takes great courage to follow through.

Where do we find this kind of courage? I can tell you without hesitation that you can’t find it

easily on your own. It’s not impossible from time to time to act courageously on your own

initiative, men can do that. But to live courageously day after day following a radical and

nonconformist King is a different challenge, one that requires committed companions …

committed to the mission and committed to each other.

The beauty and the power of love is experienced as we enter into the holy ground of another

man’s story, his life. Nothing breaks down the walls of fear and comparison like the sharing

and hearing of the deepest places in a man’s heart. When experienced in an environment of

genuine love and acceptance, a bond is forged that makes a man stronger than he imagined

he ever could be. It galvanizes us into a company of men that together will find the courage to

live our lives on mission For King and Kingdom.


You see, the big thing for me is to love reality and not live in fantasy,

not live in what could have been or what should have been, or what I think I need

to be okay,

but instead, to live out of my story, love reality, and then imagine that God is

present, and that’s enough.



For King and Kingdom


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