The Problem

The decision to become a believer in Jesus as well as to become a follower of Jesus is really

the same decision. At least it’s supposed to be. Too often though, this decision is seen as

two separate choices or decisions. Why? Well, at the heart of this life choice and commitment

is the question of trust and control. Will I trust this God who has demonstrated that He loves

me unconditionally, the work and presence of Christ as I face each moment of each day, and

the power of the holy spirit of God to change who I am and how I live among others?

Or rather, will I pick and choose what I trust and what I prefer to maintain control of: my

marriage, my money, my time, my health, my children, my relationships, my future? Will I

cling to my self-protective strategies of control, even though in the end they will rob me of

deep connections with others as well as God? Will I continue to trust them even though they

hinder me from becoming fully alive in Christ and from living into my destiny as a participant in God’s kingdom work?

This struggle with trust and control is what splits this decision in our hearts. The church needs

men who desire to trust God and others this way. Men need an experience that gives them

the courage and faith to try, and a network of men committed to help each other on their quest

for such faith.


There is no deep knowing of God without a deep knowing of self, and no deep knowing of self without a deep knowing of God.






John Calvin

16 th Century French Theologian and Pastor


For King and Kingdom

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