“Destiny starts with a changed identity. My hope is exactly what God sent his Son to do, and that is to transform lives through the power of the gospel…the truest thing about me is what God says about me. It’s helping men believe that and trusting that truth that changes and transforms them.”

- Lamar Trieschmann, Teaching Pastor Lake Valley Community Church


It takes courage to live against the grain of the culture. It takes courage to make unpopular decisions in our families and other relationships. Even if we know what we are supposed to do and want to do it, it often takes great courage to follow through.

Where do we find this kind of courage? I can tell you without hesitation that you can’t find it easily on your own. It’s not impossible from time to time to act courageously on your own initiative, men can do that. But to live courageously day after day following a radical and nonconformist King is a different challenge, one that requires committed companions … committed to the mission and committed to each other.

The beauty and the power of love is experienced as we enter into the holy ground of another man’s story, his life. Nothing breaks down the walls of fear and comparison like the sharing and hearing of the deepest places in a man’s heart. When experienced in an environment of genuine love and acceptance, a bond is forged that makes a man stronger than he imagined he ever could be. It galvanizes us into a company of men that together will find the courage to live our lives on mission For King and Kingdom.

For King and Kingdom | Destiny transformation

You see, the big thing for me is to love reality and not live in fantasy, not live in what could have been or what should have been, or what I think I need to be okay, but instead, to live out of my story, love reality, and then imagine that God is present, and that’s enough.

It is rare that a man will take 4 days out of his full and busy life to pause for a little while to take a serious and critical look at his own life and story. It is through a proper understanding of the story we each have lived that leads to a humble and honest understanding of who we are, and quite frankly, a better grasp of who God is.

We spend a significant amount of time during our 4 days together:

  1. Learning and preparing to tell our stories through the same four critical moves that God tells us His story.
  2. Experiencing a number of tools designed to help us achieve a “humble self-knowledge”.
  3. Helping other men do the same.
  4. Learning how to apply our new understanding to our life in a way that impacts our personal growth and those in our realms of influence.
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